ROLL DESIGN Long Travel ATV Control Arms feature the notoriously strong gull wing design mated with the over-sized 4130 chromoly construction. The inboard pivots use PFTE composite-lined bearings with precision-ground pivot pins crafted from hardened steel. The upper control arms feature fully-adjustable castor and camber through the use of its three-piece, high-misalignment design. These misalignment spacers are the best in the business, manufactured from 17-4 stainless steel. This is the very same stainless steel used in mission critical aerospace and nuclear reactor applications for superior strength and corrosion resistance. The replaceable rod ends are lined with long-wearing Teflon. The top and bottom arms are equipped with high-angle ball joints that are sealed and replaceable. These ball joints are en-captured in the arms to eliminate any potential sheer point, ultimately increasing reliability.

HON100 TRX 250R MX '86-'89
HON100 TRX 250R DZ '86-'89
HON102 TRX 250R XC '86-'89
HON100 TRX 250R DN '86-'89
HON120 TRX 450R MX '04-'05
HON121 TRX 450R DZ '04-'05
HON122 TRX 450R XC '04-'05
HON120 TRX 450R DN '04-'05
HON130 TRX 450R MX '06-'09
HON131 TRX 450R DZ '06-'09
HON132 TRX 450R XC '06-'09



ROLL DESIGN ATV Steering Stems feature an anti-vibration design that is crafted from a 17-4 cast stainless steel head and an integrated base that boasts a 4130 shaft and certified tag welded joints. These steering stems are the strongest stems available for your quad and are available in multiple stem lengths and finishes, including standard and extended lengths as well as chrome and black finishes.

HONDA TRX250R Black 402202-BLK
HONDA TRX400EX Black 402203-BLK
HONDA TRX450R Black 402206-BLK

HONDA TRX250R Black 402252-BLK
HONDA TRX400EX Black 402253-BLK
HONDA TRX450R Black 402256-BLK





The IMS-ROLL Pro Series Foot Pegs are amid those must-have ATV parts for any racer or performance-minded rider. With its innovative design, these industry-leading footpegs allow for the most aggressive maneuverability possible for anyone behind the handlebars of a high-performance sport quad. These are the same high-quality pegs that have been utilized to win championships by such racers as Bill Ballance, Doug Eichner, Doug Gust and William Yokley. The Pro Series Foot Pegs are a necessity for riders who strive to reach peak riding and racing performance.

The IMS-ROLL Pro Series Foot Pegs sport a patented three-rung design as well as industry-leading mud relief design. The Pro Series Foot Pegs also feature added control and enables superior handling over any other ATV foot peg - PERIOD. Made from heat-treated 17-4 cast stainless steel, the pegs are powder coated

- Industry leading mud relief
- Patented integrated kick-up provides added control
- Textured black
- Heat treated 17-4 cast stainless steel
- Patented three-rung design

PART NUMBER: 302201-K (FITS: Honda TRX250R (88-89))
PART NUMBER: 302206-K (FITS: Honda TRX450R (04-05))

PART NUMBER: 302207-K (FITS: Honda TRX450R (06-09))





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